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Hi every one, i am level zero lool .......... i am doing my best and need your help as well. help me with French and i can help with Arabic and English..... THANK YOU :)



Hello,nice to meet you
I am new to here~
The same as you,I'm learning French now ~

you think we can  learn it together??
if yes just let me know then we see how it goes
take care

I'm in if you guys want. I'm sort of intermediate.

really ?? can you help us ??
that would be great.
just let me know when do you want to start

If anyone wants help from an Intermediate, I don't mind helping XD

Hey are you guys still learning together? I'm a beginner, trying to teach myself French. I've got a lot of books but I'm finding it hard to stay focused.

Anyway, I just joined this site and I'm looking for someone to study with. Let me know how far a long you guys are.

So I am new too, anyone can help with some basic word in French? please!  

Hi!I'm new to here.

But,i can you help=)

hi i'm new here ... u can help me for language english,??

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