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Tips for New Teachers on italki


1)How to create a better teacher profile:
    * Talk about what makes you a good teacher with things like credentials, awards, passion for teaching, etc.
    * Make sure your profile picture looks professional.
    * Give an example or explain the style you like to use for teaching.
    * You can link to your blog or personal website if you have one.
    * Writing in the language of students that you want to teach.

2)Course-based lessons, where you are providing the materials, and one-to-one tutoring sessions, where the student is providing the materials, should be set at different prices.  A lower price for the one-to-one tutoring sessions is a good way to show off your teaching style and get students to give you a try.  For your course-based lessons, each course you create can be set at a different price.  For one-to-one tutoring sessions, the price is set under the Edit Profile tab.



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