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 hello everybody,I'm new here.i need ur help to improve my english .if  any one can plz join me.thanks




Id be happy to help you improve your english :) Just let me know what areas you would like to work on :)

thanks alot.I donot know the areas that needs work.i only need to speak english like natives.i need to practice it alot.i dont know how??????????
Best way is to just practice with conversation and from there I can correct anything you are getting wrong.

We can talk about whatever topics you like or of interest to you, then I can help you use the language like a native speaker would.

You can book a free trial lesson with me if you like, you will need skype, then we can take it from there at your own pace :)

thanks alot.u r right this  is my skype m_sara86.we can practice conversation with each other talking about different things.
Hi, here is "my two cents worth":

1. Focus on input, not output. Listen and read a lot! Don't worry about speaking and writing; they will come later.

2. Only use materials made by and for native speakers- don't use anything made for English students. Look for easy children's books on the internet with listening and reading.

3. Don't study grammar rules or try to memorize lists of vocabulary or waste your time in boring English classes. Just listen-listen-listen and repeat-repeat-repeat.

More info:

Hi.I`m new here,too.All of the thing about this web site and I want make more friend at there.I`m a middle school student and my English was crudity.So,I want learn this language better than now  from you.thank

thanks alot for ur help

hi  how

Hi how r you ?

hi,lily.nice to meet u here.of course i need ur help in English. i need to practice it all the time with native speakers ,so i will be happy to do it with u it wonder ful send me ur skepe to add u.thanks.

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