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Learning Norwegian

I am starting to learn Norwegian. Could you advise if you know web pages that have audio in order to learn pronunciation.




Try YouTube!  

Here is a link to something you could use

Good luck

Hey there!:) I'm learning Norwegian too:) I use google translator and you can type a word and click on "audio" :) You can also get it to read you a whole sentence:) Not more than that, or the audio button dissapears, though:P
But it seems quite good:)


There's this girl named Karin who has a heapload of videos on Youtube for people learning Norwegian. Here's the link: She makes it really fun and breaks it down for beginners!

Hi! I am working on the alphabet pronunciation on my site:

I am also working on making lessons on different subjects. Please let me know how you like it! =D I will try to improve it as fast as possible!

Best regards,


Thanks Fredrik! Great link. 


Also, has some Norwegian pronunciation. 

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