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what is the best way to start learning tamil?



I believe nothing more than story books can help you.
I think that the best way to learn Tamil is to spend a few months in Tamil Naadu...
If you're not able to do so, have a look on this link:
Bye Take Care
You can chat online I like to help you if you want contact me

yes Nesan, i hv gave u my yahoo id and i m always available on that id ( between 12.30 pm to 6.00pm on all working days. so please accept my add request and let us chat

Hi Nakshatra,

Thanks for suggestion, but, the base of any language is the alphabet which i don't know, so i first hv to learn alphabet than only i can read any story book, m i right dear?.

Thanks Nicolas,

I hv opened the site u hv suggested, first i will go thru with it and try to learn something abt. tamil

Thanks again

in my view the best way to learn tamil is to speak in tamil with friends and start learning alphabets and new words simultaneously.

first step:                first Learn alphabets(vowels & consonents). so we are easy to understand which is written on paper.
second step:         next go to chalt with friends for learning different words in tamil.
third step:               finally read any stories which u like.. and watch the tamil movies..
 In my point of view:                    These are the easy steps to learn tamil quickly..
im learning tamil...and need someone to talk wid me online..if thrs anyone willing to help me plz send me a msg..cheers!

hii also learning tamil language here..
I think first learn alphabets,numbers,and finally learning tamil words...z enough..

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