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Where is the best place to study Chinese in China?

I don't know where the best place to study, but I strongly suspect Shanghai is the worst place... Any suggestions?



I guess Beijing because of the lack of other dialects. Although you might still pick up the Beijing-儿 which is kind of an accent as well. 呵呵 I hope Shanghai isn't as bad as you suspect, especially since my university has a partnership with 财经大学 in Shanghai, so it's easier for me to go there. Anyway...can't really help you. If I ever find some kind of list with a proper ranking system I'll let you know. :P

yes, Beijing I think so.People there speak mandarin,and it is undertand by all parts of China.

I agree with Harregarre. The Beijing native speaks CHINESE with a strong northern accent.


I think Hebei or tianjin shandong

No,, not shandong, Shandong has a strong accent. Horrible.

刚学的人,平时注意听广播(broadcast),看中央电视台的电视连续剧(TV play series )。发音还是很好的。

哈哈,我的英语水平就这样了 ~努力学习中~~

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