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How many Chinese people use QQ to IM?

I'm wondering if I should install QQ? Most westerners have never heard of QQ. We use MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Skype, and Google talk. Just wondering if you think it's worth installing. Also --- I heard there was a lot of spyware on QQ before. Is that true?



I don't use QQ
i have qq number
For most Chinese people, QQ is everything they know about IM. The users number of QQ is much more than any other kind of IM softwares in mainland. About "a lot of spyware on QQ", I don't think common users need warry about that. I've never got hacked or anything like that. The only reason I use QQ is my friends only have QQ as their IM software.
I live in Canada and I use QQ. :) I've heard it before from a Chinese friend of mine but I never thought of installing it until I started using italki.
in mainland,most younger people have QQ,and most of them are students,if you want to learn chineses with them,maybe you should install,:-)
There are a lot of people use MSN, but most of young boys and girls use QQ.
I think Chinese student or younger often use QQ Because it's very useful (For me,like that) our classmate all have one :)

最近我用QQ. Qzone也非常乐趣啊。I use QQ these days. Qzone is also very fun. I recommend to use it but you many need some help if you use the Chinese version. I know I needed it.
In china, most youth use QQ to communicate with each other.
Can we make friends? I'm a junior in university,and I want to improve myself with English. Can you help me? Let's be friends! My QQ number is 362691871.Hoping for your adding!

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