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How to write Chinese characters with your keyboard

I just thought I'd post this: Google has a pinyin input which is really fast and easy to use. Microsoft also has its IME How to install it How to use it Both are free and fairly easy to install. Just thought I'd post this.



Hi, I'm new here :) Both of them are great and convenient to use for typing chinese characters, but in different styles. If you like the google one, another pinyin input called Sogou Pinyin may be better for you. Exactly, it is the de facto most popular pinyin input in mainland. Check out its official site: and download the latest version directly: Enjoy!
I'd like to add to the list as well. Although personally I know of many people who uses this program and in my opinion it works quite effectively. This is just probably one of the many other programs out there that enables the computer to type in Chinese and including other foreign characters. Site:: Just click "Download" on the panel to your left. It should bring you to a page with a bunch of helpful programs for download. Hope this helps out anyone in need~!

yeah,if u wanna learn chinese,u an use QQ,u can download :
If you're a firefox user, you can use the addon called "fire input" :)

if you're a Mac OSX user there's already support for typing in multiple languages. Apples' got a page on it and there are others you can Google.

i've heard a ton of people in China use QQ but I've also heard it's generally loaded with vulnerabilities and spyware. It would be great to be able to use it but I'm not comfortable with it based on what I've heard. Any feedback that my dispel that rumor?
I'm using the 2005 English edition of QQ and I haven't had any problems with it yet. :)
Although the following link is about adding Japanese IME to Windows XP, you can add Chinese IME following the steps and just choosing Chinese instead of Japanese. It's pretty much for Windows Vista as well. You don't need to add multiple software to type in multiple languages. Just follow the instruction for Japanese IME, and at the step where the instrucion tells you to choose Japanese, you choose the language you want to add. It's pretty simple.
Million thanks, it`s I really need

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