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Have you tried "Pimsluer's Swedish"?

I'm a native Swedish speaker and would like to help all of you.

Have you tried "Pimsleur's Swedish"? 
You can listen to the audio tracks and learn.
Put it on your mp3/iPod and you can study swedish on the train/bus to the school/job.

The Native speakers will help you write down the notes so you can see, understand and learn how to spell it.

I know  the Swedish version have only 10-12 lessons.
each audio track/lesson should be 30min.
The Japanese version is very good so i hope the Swedish version is good too..
I will check up the swedish version and write down the notes for you.

If you need help you can mail me.
Good Luck.



Jag har försökt "Pimsleur's Swedish" men det är inte så hjälpsamma som den japanska versionen. :)
i don't recommend pimsleur, it dont explain any grammar only tells you sentences and words meaning, but structure of the language you will learn nothing about.
i tried pimsleur on japanese and it is ok too learn sentence and some words but that's all.
so use it as a help but try too study too, so you understand the sentences structure.
Pimsleur's swedish can be helpful for people, who can talk a little bit and would like to improve their language skills (imitate a swedish accent, melody of the language).

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