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Speaker's Corner - Chill out

When you have free time and don't know what to do.
Why not kill the time by writing something here for fun?

Some tips:
*Music *Movies *Love
*Culture *Travel *Share a fun story
Talk about everything

All languages are accepted, but try stick to English so everybody can understand



A girl friend of mine in Vietnam is also studying japanese and today she sent me this song -> "Groove Coverage - She"

Some how it's stuck in my head .
It's not my style of music but the lyric is good:

"She hangs out every day near by the beach
Havin’ a Heineken fallin’ asleep" 
I love Heineken, i think it's why it's stuck in my head ^^

"She is the one that you never forget
She is the heaven-sent angel you met
Oh, she must be the reason why God made a girl
She is so pretty all over the world"

Heineken!! ^^

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