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Want to make foregin friends :)

 So, I'd like to make some friends here and to improve my English and help someone to improve his or her Russian :)
You can add me here and
ICQ - 430185711



hi i don no eny russian word so plz u can tech me russian  plz bro

we can try :) 

 I dont know any Russian too, although I would like to learn. I can read Cyrillic, not very well however. 

Russian,i learned the  pronunciation,but the word is too long,hard to remember,:)

do u have Skype?

Sure. I can teach English. I only have Skype and MSN tho.

Can you teach me Russian in exchange?

hi Alex, как дела ?

Really? I have never thought that russian words can be difficult gor the remembering... Sometimes yes, but not at all...

Hi! I want to improve my english. Взамен я помогу вам с русским)))
I have skype.

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