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I've got a question about this topic I was told that when I'm reporting what someone else says he wants I could do it like this 彼 は おかし を 欲しいが っています or like this 彼 は おかし が 欲しいといいました My teacher told us that the first one should be avoided since is like you are throwing a tantrum but lately we've been using it to answer during class , so I'm confused. Is it really a childish way to say you want something or is it normal? Which one is better? Thanks in advance


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  • Posted by M May 03, 2008
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彼はおかしを欲しがっています。= He wishes for candies. 彼はおかしが欲しいといいました。= He said that he wanted candies. I don't know in what context your teacher told you what you mentioned here. But, there is no insinuation of a child throwing a tantrum on the first sentence. However, I would probably say 「彼はお菓子が欲しいようです。」meaning, "he seems to want some candies."

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