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Sälem, nice to meet you~

Hello friends,

I'm from Hong Kong, China. I just start learning Kazakh, the language is beautiful and I like Kazakh music & culture. 
I have visited a few Kazakh websites, It seems that 3 sets of alphabet are used in Kazakh language, the Arabic, Latin & Cyrillic, which one is more common?

Raxmet !



Cyrillic is the most common, so you'll find much more information in Cyrillic Kazakh than in Arabic or Latin alphabet.

Arabic alphabet  is commonly used in XinJiang  province . 

i see, thanks~

! من بیر تورکمنsimple-smile سالام لار سیزگه

hello to you Simple smile i'm a turkmen.maybe u know that kazakh and turkmen are same in basic!

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