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mission og art

what is a mission af art? does it break boundaries between real worl and imagination? does it express something important? would be great to know what u think about that... thank u



For me, the mission of art is happiness. As for what it is, I've heard it said that art is the friction between one's soul and the world around him. Personally, I prefer to look at art as a man's projection of his views regarding himself, the world, and his existence within it.

happiness? Do u think that art is only for happiness? no, i'm not a pessimist :) but just remember Magritte, his paintings arn't HAPPY, moreover they look strange and colors arn't attractive but they are still beautiful becouse of their NATURE: SOMETHING ELSE, that is unwritten...

eh, Magritte... i love it so much!!! graphical art behind text, play with scale, combinations of non-compatible things, reflexion on existing culture and visualisation of long way from Metamorphosis to.......

Having given it more thought, I have to agree with you: just as man is not a perpetually happy being, so too is his art not always happy or uplifting. I only know a few paintings of Magritte, but they're good examples, of course. Which brings us back to the question =D : what is the mission of art? How about "art serves as the language for all that which can't be expressed through everyday dialogue?" Sograsitev? And what about Dada? Do you consider the works of Marcel Duchamp to be art?

PS How well known is the film director Sergei Parajanov in Georgia? Here in the West very, very few people know about him; even my friend who studies at the Amsterdam Film Academy didn't know who he was until I showed him "Sayat Nova."

U know, unfortunatelly Farajanov is not very popular even in Georgia :(( only people knows about him. But i'm really proud that this gerat director walked in the same streets where i'm walking now!!! and about art as a a language... from my point of view Art in XXI century has broken the boundaries between Medium, which was hidden from us before, and Mediator-narrator of that "story", way how it is expressed. IT IS NOT A SIGN, IT HAS NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THAN ITSELF! therefore u can't measure it and usually comments are inappropriate... all u can do just feel it..

Art is expression. The first mission of art is personal, because is the way to express for the artist (any idea, thought, emotion....) the rest is secundary. And this is, at least, the theory. Because today's Art has more to do with provocation and advertising. That is, imports over the public reaction to the artwork itself. After all we live in society's fashion victim.

About mission of art I could say in a few words that the most important thing in art is : ART MUST ENJOY US , to have the happiness to comtemplate it. The artist's enjoyment of pleasure with which he works is the heart of his art.
Without heart doesn't exist art! The first condition of the artist is to love what he is doing, to be his joy first , and trought that , to offers joy to the other. And the beauty there is in our eyes we can feel what we like or not.  The artist expresses himself and the spectator can make choise of his expression. 

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