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mandarin vs taiwanese

Whats best and most beautiful of mandarin and taiwanese?



 Both of them are beautiful and interesting languages. By using them, you can communicate with the native speaker.  They are like a door, lead you to a whole new world full of new culture, amazing history...
Vikings like explore. So enjoy your exploration. 


I am from Taipei Taiwan.If you have every problem of Taiwanese.

I can hlep you.:))

hello!! viking!!!

I'm from Taiwan.

Actually of mandarin and taiwanese are very good.

Just different culture,It depends on personal likes Taiwan or the mainland^^

But if you problem of Taiwanese, I can help you^^


Both of them are beautiful. I'm from mainland of China, I use mandarin. But if you want to know more about Chinese culture, go to Taiwan.

Both of Madarin and Taiwanese are beautiful. And they are diffirent in tones and language systems, especially in culture. Threre are many of proverbs in Madarin which come from the daily life of Taiwanese in early years.... I think it's easy to get other's emotions when we communicate in Taiwanese, although i'm not good at Taiwanese....

Have fun in learning Madarin and Taiwanese. :-)

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