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What are your plans for 2010?

Planning anything special for  this year and your summer holidays in particular, going somewhere nice? Какие у вас планы на 2010 год и на лето, планируете какие-нибудь интересные поездки?



Hello, Miss Smith! My name is Vasiliy! So glad to join your group :) U, guys, are awesome! Btw, My plans for 2010 year, hm, just one-VISIT USA :)

My name is Elina. And my plan for 2010 to learn English eventually! It is my greatest dream!

Hello, My nane is Alexander. I'm glad to join this group not less then Vasili))  i'm going to reach really good english level in this year, probably it's main goal)

‘This year’ you mean? ;-)  May I ask, how are you going to reach your main goal, what are you going to do to achieve that? Just curious :-)
Welcome to the group, guys!

I have already found good english courses. Also i study by myself. And i think i can find someone who will help me on this site)

Always here to help! :-) Please feel free to participate in our discussions or start new ones, ask questions, correct other members’ mistakes, etc. and good luck to you with your studies!
Hello! My plans for 2010 are... hm..  develop our small family business, of course; practice in roller-skating; try to find some two weeks for a kayak trip... and, maybe, acquire a driving licence! )
wow, wow! and - learn to dance boogie!  :)

Hi Oxana!
Great plans and pretty good writing, only a few errors:
‘Practice roller skating’, not ‘in roller skating’
‘Try to find a few weeks for a kayak trip’ - ‘some two weeks’ is bad English.

P.S. I too love kayak trips. And what is your small family business, may I ask? Just being nosy :-)

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