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Do you know some words in a language has different meanings in other language? for example koloch or kolochi in Russian language that mean KEY ( PERSIAN=keLid) has the meaning of a typical Cake. KOLOCHEH

KOLOCHEH means breakfast cake.

what words do you know like it? Please come on...



Kor (کور) means "blind" in Persian, but in Pashtu Kor (کور) means " house" .
Bal (بال) = "Hair" in Urdu, but in Persian Bal(بال) = "wing".
Chori(چوری)= Bangles in Dari, but it means " stealing" in Urdu.
Kan(کان) = "ear"  in Urdu, but in Pashtu and Dari it means " Mine" or " Mineral" .
Shor(شور) = "salty" in Persian, but in Pashtu and Urdu it means " noise or shouting"
Shadi(شادی)= "wedding or marrying" in Urdu, but in Dari it means " Monkey" .
Kal(کل)= " Tomorrow" in Urdu , but in Dari it means" Bald" .
Aur(اور)= "And" in Urdu, but in Pashtu it means " Fire" .

Yes you are right. thanks for your kind and warm reply.

Bal (بال) in persian= wing

in urdu= hair

in turkish= honey

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