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Dreamtime. Dreaming of . . .

Are you a dreamer? What do you dream about? О чем Вы мечтаете?



In this freezing cold weather I dream of a nice, sunny island with the sea rolling up to my feet and tall palm trees swaying over my head . . .

oh, yes i am a dreamer, and ialso want a coconut water.
and swim in the pool of a great can cun hotel.

Right now I just dream to sleep, even if without dreams :)

And actually I dream to learn to dance ballroom and Latin dancing.
I would really like to learn to move gracefully.

I like swimming very much, but it's not my dream because it would be my plan. I mean a pool not far from my work-place :)

Oh, I love ballroom dancing, used to do a lot of that when I was a student at the college. Is there any particular dance that you like best of all? My favourite is waltz, I have always loved waltzing.
A dream and a plan . . . Can anybody explain what the difference is between them? ;-) I mean it’s a thin line between the two (между этими двумя понятиями нет четкой границы). What do you think?

I am very fond of dancing with a rapid pace. I watched a few films about salsa and I liked this dance.

But unfortunately I do not know how to dance, just a little. I dream to go on courses, but do not know if I have enough time, force and

Yes, I know, lack of time can be a problem. But the most important thing, I think, is to have the wish. If the wish is there, the rest will come with it.
Some corrections:
. . . dancing at a rapid pace.
I do not know if I have enough time, energy and . . .

I dream to fly by plane myself!  May be it`s sound  very crazy, but it is worth to throw out the adrenaline. 

Hi Moldir,
Interesting dreams! Just a few corrections:
I dream of flying a plane myself. Maybe it sounds very crazy, but it is worth to make your blood race.

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