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Speak English comfortably after just 18 hours of English course study!

Our unique English courses that turn your language exchange practice into a proper focused online course are ready for Italki English learners to buy! 

Just buy a Self-Study (SS) ebook course (60 hours) for $15 and the social media tools and any MP3s ($3 +$3) and for just $21 ($0.35 per hour) you can improve your English speaking skills like Jane, 27 Chinese, did. She spoke like a beginner and just 18 hours later she could speak English comfortably at intermediate level!

Listen to Jane's before and after audio that shows how much she improved here:

Buy the course calledEnglish Out There, that Jane used and which was designed to work with online language exchange and Italki,  click on the link below:

You can leave feedback and suggestions on this group's pages and get in touch with me, Jason, I created EOT with lots of English teachers and writers.



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