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Talking about films

Do you like watching films? What are your favourite movies?
When talking about films you can use the following words and expressions. Говоря о фильмах, вы можете использовать следующие слова и выражения:
My favourite film / movie is  . . . - Мой любимый фильм - . . .
My favourite films / movies are . . . - Мои любимые фильмы: . . .
I like Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes - Мне нравится Джереми Бретт в роли Шерлока Холмса
I love . . .   - Мне нравится / я люблю . . .
I am fond of . . . - Я увлекаюсь / мне нравится / нравятся . . .
I am quite fond of  . . . - Я весьма увлекаюсь . . .

I am very fond of . . .   -  Мне очень нравится / нравятся . . .
My favourite actor / actress / director is  . . .  -  Мой любимый актер / актриса / режиссер  -  . . .
It’s a comedy / a romance / a thriller / a detective film / a  horror movie / a historical film / sci-fi  -   Это комедия / романс / триллер / детектив / фильм ужасов / исторический фильм / научная фантастика
I prefer a good horror film to a comedy  - Комедии я предпочитаю хороший фильм ужасов / Фильмы ужасов для меня предпочтительнее чем комедии.
I think the plot is quite good - Я считаю, что в нем (в фильме) довольно неплохой сюжет.
I liked the costumes / the music / the acting  - Мне понравились костюмы / музыка / игра актеров.



My favourite film is arisona dream by Emir kusturica. When i first saw it i was so exited, i liked everything: the music, the actors... I think that it`s one of the best roles of Johny Depp. What do you think?

I like different films looking my mood.But I prefer comedys. As ussual i watching the comedys,detectives films at home but I am fond of watching catastrophe movies in the cinema with 3d .for example movie 2012 

Hi Ketti,
‘Смотря на настроение’ / ‘в зависимости от настроения’  - ‘depending on my mood
Комедии  - comedies  (во множественном числе ‘y’ меняется на ‘i’)
I like different films depending on my mood. But I prefer comedies. Usually I watch comedies and detective films at home but I am fond of watching 3-D disaster movies in the cinema, for example movie ‘2012’

I'm quite fond of watching different films and movies. Most of all I love romatic and adventurous films, for example one of my favourite films is  "The notebook". It is about big love with some dissappointments. I think that the plot is rather good, but it can bother some categories of people. Also I love movies very much, especially if they are kind and instructive, for example "Gone with the wind" or "Up"!
Also I would like to add that I'm also quite impired by Emir Kusturica. I saw a number of his films. As for me, they are extraodinary and exciting! Jonny Depp is unique)

Hi Veda,
They normally use the word ‘adventurous’ when referring to a person: ‘He is an adventurous man’ – он искатель приключений. When talking about a film though it’s ‘adventure film’ - приключенческий фильм.
‘Impired’ . . . I take it you meant ‘inspired’?
But on the whole your English is pretty good!

I love romantic films with happy end. Even I like very much Audrey Hepburn. She was the most charming actress. I watch these films with  pleasure, especially "Breakfast at Tiffany" and "Roman holiday". I'd like to watch its in English, but I haven't a lot skills.

Hi Tanya,
Интересный текст, но довольно много ошибок. Я Вам его исправила, чтобы он лучше по-английски звучал:
I love romantic films with happy endings. I like Audrey Hepburn very much. She was the most charming actress. I watch these films with pleasure, especially "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" and "Roman holiday". I'd like to watch them in English, but I haven't a lot of English language skill.

Thank you very much for your correctons. 

You are welcome!

I like trillers and Horror.

 well.. my favorite movies.... hm... Nightmare on the Elm street or The Skeleton Key

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