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Hi!! Is there a way to improve?

Hello(Hallo) ^^ My name is Melody(Ich bin Melodie)

I'm currently taking a German class in high school. I'm in German II, preparing for German III next year.

I'm kind of nervous to take German III next year because I heard that 60% - 70% of the shool year is only in German. I feel like I don't know enough German to take that class next year. I'm barely passing the German II class with a 74%(anything below a 70% in my school system is consider failing, so I'm nervous that I'm not going to make it...I'm almost at the failing mark...).

I want to find a way to improve my German. Is there a free learning website(besides or some books I can buy that will help me improve?

Thank you for your help!!(Danke!!)



 Yeh, there's so many books you can download from the net! try on or go to some torrent site and try to download it! :) I can help you as far as I'm able to. ;) according your saying on your "about me", I can say we kinda like similar things! :)) 

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