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Does anyone else want to learn?

Hi, my name is Tristan. I have been having trouble finding resources on learning Somali. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks 



me too
me too! 

I have been teaching myself somali for a few years now.

I will gladly share what i have learned.

I have  also set up a group for those who want to know wmore.

"Barashada af soomaaliga".

soo dhowow!


i think i can help you to learning somali .. special writing.

helo tristan iam somali girl so ican help you somali languege.

Also if there is proplem of writing ,reading, speaking and so ican heip you,not only you

Well, My name is Ahmed and i am somali. It's lucky for you to see your request and hope i will teach somali language as i can. if you need my help feel free and contact me. Add me on facebook Ahmed Mohammed Barre. or

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