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Does anyone else want to learn?

Hi, my name is Tristan. I have been having trouble finding resources on learning Somali. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks 



me too
me too! 

I have been teaching myself somali for a few years now.

I will gladly share what i have learned.

I have  also set up a group for those who want to know wmore.

"Barashada af soomaaliga".

soo dhowow!


i think i can help you to learning somali .. special writing.

helo tristan iam somali girl so ican help you somali languege.

Also if there is proplem of writing ,reading, speaking and so ican heip you,not only you

Sorry for bumping this old discussion, but I too am having problems finding resources for this language. At the moment I am using these books:


-Colloquial Somali by Martin Owrin: Seems like a good book for a beginner. The focus is on dialogue, which you can listen to in order to hear how native speakers speak Somali.

-Somali Grammar Revision by Liban A. Ahmad: Great book since it gives you a lot of examples of how to use different parts of speech in a sentence. With every example you are given a translation, which is very helpful.

-A Dictionary of Somali Verbs in Everyday Contexts by Liban A. Ahmad: I haven't used this book too much but it seems pretty good. The best part of this book is also that you are given context in the form of sentences, so you can observe how to use the verbs listed in this book. With every example sentence, you are given also a translation. There are explanations and conjugation tables for all the verb tenses.


I would love to hear any suggestions for other books. One book that I need at the moment is a Somali-English dictionary.

yes me too

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