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Which one is the correct form?

1. Mogu da te pomoći...

2. Mogu da te pomognem...

And what's the difference between both?
Hvala lepo :o)



 a both don't mean anything by that way of writing, if u thought may I help u, that says " Moguli ti pomoci" or" Moguli da ti pomognem" :)

Verb "moći" ("can") requires supplement, which can be either infinitive ("pomoći"), or a clause ("da pomognem"). Also, it requires indirect object, which is in dative case ("tebi", short "ti").

So, the correct forms would be:

1. Mogu ti pomoći, or
2. Mogu da ti pomognem.

Interrogative forms are: "Mogu li ti pomoći", or "Mogu li da ti pomognem".

Charapan is right, the only thing I would add is that they mean the same thing ;)

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