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About the 82th Oscar. 关于82届奥斯卡

Which one do you like best?

Last semester,i went to see the Avatar.
well.the visual effect is fantastic,that our Chinese could't achieve.
Although the plot was somwhat  a bit run-of the mill...
And the moment i saw the expression on Jack'face. I felt the great delight of revenge..not feeling good....

Anyway, i talk too much . Actually would anyone here care about Oscar much?
Is it too commercial?

Or what kind of movie do you recommend?


而且当我看到Jack脸上的表情时(战斗时),我感受到了报复的快感。感觉不是 那么好。。。



It is certainly too commercial and political - too much "glitz" as we say. 

I like the Golden Globes more, because the awards are made by film critics and there are not as many political games.

and I like watching movies, I don't care did (or not) the movie succeeded  at some awards. It's my deal - I like it or not.
Avatar - is really good. Yeag well, the plot is weak, but overall - its good. I wathced it (all 2:30) and never wanted to leave the cinema, or fall asleep, or even open a bottle of beer.

 I like hollywood movies, documental. And good movies at all. Takeshi Kitano (sorry if mistaken) is a pretty good filmmaker. Jackie Chan (I love all of his movies, especially the old ones). Not only the hollywood keeps movie's alive =)
In 2009 the most awesome movie was "Watchmen"

If you like documentaries and are interested in military stuff and in the english language, try watching K. Burns' >>Civil War<<, or at least part of it. The entirety is quote long, about ten hours. These are available for free on google, and they are pretty much the best documentaries ever made in english, or close:

Naturally there are some 19th-century archaisms and some country dialect in there, but not terribly much. There's also a whole lot of monologues from Shelby Foote, who has a strong southern accent, but he's probably not too hard to understand, even for foreigners. Only the vowels differ in the various dialects of English, almost never the consonants.

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