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Do you like reading?

What are your favourite books / authors and why do you like them?



Hi.I like read the books about science.I like to read science books because I like to cognize history and like learn things which can useful life.Привет.Я люблю читать книги про науку.Я люблю читать книги про науку потому что я люблю познавать историю и изучать вещи которые могут пригодиться в жизни.

I am a confirmed Murakami Haruki fan. Murakami Haruki is a Japanese novelist ,a fantast.
Reading his book is like having a fanastic journey and you begin to reconsider  your  life in a utterly new way.

Hi Ketti,

Ваш текст с исправлениями:
I like to read books about science. I like to read science books because I like to cognize history and learn things which can be useful in life.

 ‘cognize history’ – не совсем удачный выбор глагола. It’s better to say ‘study history’ or ‘learn about history’ here.
Hi. My list of favorite books changes all the time. Lets say - ten years ago I was voracious reader of romantic stories (of course "happy end" was obligatory part of every story). Three years ago I was fond of Bernard Verber and his style. After there were short periods of Mark Levi, Frederic Beigbeder (not sure that I have spelled it right), Remarque, even Stephenie Meyer was in the list of favorite authors. But the only book that has survived during all my reading experience is "Gone with the wind" by Margaret Mitchell. The second award of being magnificent novel goes :)... "Scarlett" by Alexandra Ripley.
Starting to describe why do I like that books will take a lot of time, but very briefly: "Gone with the wind" and "Scarlett" - Scarlett's character and strenght, Verber - his style, Meyer - somehow she makes reader to believe the story and to be part of that world, Beigbeder - cynicism is congenial to me.

Hi! I love to read sci-fi books about future, space and guys with special abilities who save universe in the end of story

Hi Stacy,
It was a pleasure to read your mini-essay. I too love a good romance, was greatly impressed by ‘The Thorn Birds’ ( ‘Поющие в терновнике’), Colleen McCullough when a teenager, and I enjoyed watching the film based on the book as well.
A few serious grammatical errors in your writing that I took the liberty to correct:
‘Starting to describe why I like those books . . .’ , ‘ . . . she makes the reader believe the story and be part of that world’ (no ‘to’ after ‘make’). Also the articles: ‘a voracious reader’ , ‘an obligatory part’.
Haven't read  "The Thom Birds" (despite all the positive comments heard about this novel). But definetely haven't done it only yet:)

Is there any rule that could explain "no use of  'to' after 'make'"? 

Hi Stacy,
Regarding the absence of ‘to’ after ‘make’, yes, there is a rule: when verbs ‘make’ or ‘let’ are used with another verb, the verb in the infinitive form loses its particle ‘to’.
P.S. ‘. . . haven't done it only yet’, this won’t do (это не пойдет). You can say either ‘haven't done it as yet’ or ‘haven't done it just yet’, or simply ‘haven't done it yet’.
the more I write, the more mistakes appear))

Thank you for explanation.

Good evening! I like interesting historic novells, autobiographies of great people, and also i indeed like "industrial" novells of Arthur Hailey, this is one of my favourite authors. I like humor - that's why i like to read P.G.Wodehouse, his stories about Jeeves and Wooster and another heroes. 

In general i may say, that i like such kind of books, which have interesting ideas, good drama and strong, bright literatary style.

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