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I actually have an idea!

I think a good place to start is for each member to introduce himself/herself. As creator of the group, I will gladly begin.

I attribute most of my learning of the english language to books and writing. Books have taught me new words and have brought me to faraway places. My imagination has grown with each finished story and has allowed me to see through another's eyes. Writing on the other hand, has given me the opportunity to use what I have learned and create. However, I much prefer to brainstorm ideas than write myself. I never know where exactly to begin...

Moving on, I would like to give you an idea of what kind of reader I am. I have a tendency to avoid non-fiction books altogether, because I prefer to indulge myself in a world of fantasy where anything is possible and perhaps to getaway from life in general. At the moment, I am very interested in greek mythology and as always fantasy. Realistic fiction goes either way for me, a thriller catches my attention, science fiction comes and goes, a little romance is a must and sports stories are of no interest.

I hope this has given you the chance to learn a little about me! Now it's your turn.



Tu te présentes!

okay,it is my turn,
acturally, i am not interested in reading. cuz i got a headache whenever i open a book. non-fiction books,greek mythology ,Realistic fiction , watever.  thats why i dont think the creation of characters make any sense. lol
in my opinion, the most beautiful thing existing in this world is the voice what could be heard whatever you are doing , and most important, without keeping eyes open.

Bonjour - je m'apelle Elizabeth et j'adore lire.  Maintenant je m'enfoque sur le "canon francais" - je me maitrise dans la literature francaise et j'ai le grand examen dans le suivant printemps (donc 2011).  Je suis en train de lire "Madame Bovary" (en anglais) et il est fascinant.  Quelqu'un a deja lu ce roman?

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