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wat is basic of the arabic language?

i want to know the grammar of arabic the present n  the past tense
can anyone explaint to me...i mean i want to know the mudhari' and the madhi...jazakullahhu khaier



Amm I'm not sure how 2 explain that but it's quite harder then english

It's not like putting eds at the end of the words to become in the past it's a bit different

I wish someone will help u out with that

Good luck

BUT if u need someone to teach u the slang I'll be more then happy

the rules of  arabic language grammer is systematic and clear it can be explained them easily if cant be understood ı think learning this langauge is easier than learning eng (according to meSmile)

Assalamu Alaykom,

I'm an Egyptian Arabic Teacher. I finished BA in Arabic and Islamic studies. I have excellent experience in teaching the Arabic Language online. If you are interested please contact me at

Hello, I'm an Egyptian Arabic language teacher (female). I finished BA in Arabic language and Islamic Studies. I have experience in teaching arabic to non-native speakers online. If you are interested, Please contact me at Best Regards

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