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The term 상관 [hanja: 相關] (literally meaning "of concern")

The other day I reviewed a Korean grammar book. Then, it came to a grammatical construction of "~거나 말거나 왜 상관 입니까?", which literally means "why is it of concern whether ~ (doing it) or not?"
However, when I further referred to more examples, I discovered that term "상관" has also the following constructions:
1) 상관 이다/아니다, meaning "to be of concern / not to be of concern" [as given in the above sample structure]
2) 상관 하다/하지않다, meaning "to concern / not to concern" 
3) 상관 있다/없다, meaning "to have the concern / not to have the concern" 
Now I wonder, whether all the above structures are equally and broadly used, as in English.
Many thanks for your kind attention.

P.S.  Please kindly accept my sincere apology, should the title not be fit into the group for discussions.



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