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Do you like Korean Movies?

Have you ever watched a Korean movie named " Daisy".  It's worth watching it, so I'm here to recommend you~  ^_______^



 well i never watched a korean movie cause i like more the japanese movies ... so when i listen to korean i feel it mix with my ear recognition to japanese language :D

so im stick to jap movies only and ofc anime ;)  woohooo  ^ ^ 

I like  korean movies!!! ^_^ one of my favorite directors is Kim Ki Duk and Boong Joon

-oh too ^_^

@ ahmed: Wow~ so you prefer Janpanese movies ^ ^ That's cool~ Then would you like to recommend one to me? :)

@ ahmed:  Thanks for joining  me :)

@ Natascia:   Ciao,  come stai? Yes, It's very nice movies they made... :)   Let's find more nice movies to share here~   Or maybe you'd like to recommend an italian movie? :) 

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