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help me to learn Turkish 



i can help but you also teach us Arabic as well.  As you know, there is no relationship between Arabic and Turkish in grammer.  Probably, we know more Arbic words than an Arap who may know Turkish word in their common language.  I do not know which Arabic country that you are from.  But, I know that your name is "happy or "without worries"  Right?


Let's start from the fist sentence.  It ahoutd be easy subject like the weather.  We use the same Arabic word for weather?  Hava
The weather is very good today.=  Bugün hava çok güzel
Bugün= today  (we use u sometimes with two dots over it for other sound)
hava= the weather
çok = very  (we use c with a hook underneath)
güzel= good

Lets' give the alpahbet:

a b c ç d e f g ğ h i ı j k l m n o ö p r  s ş t u ü  v  y  z  (29 character)


I            =  Ben (Pron.:: same as like you say Benjamin.  drop the jamin part)
You      =  Sen  (Sounds similiar to Saint.  just drop B put S in Ben)
he,she=  O  (mail or female, it is the same.  Sounds like very short oh!)
it           =  O (it doesn't matter animal or plant)

We       = Biz  (sounds like Business.  Drop isness)
You      = Siz  (change B with S sound)
They    = Onlar  (On is like british "on" not Americon "on".  lar  is like "large" without the sound of "ge",  Therefore, onlar (without ge part)


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