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chinese pin yin

If you wanna learn Chinese, Pin yin is a must  lesson for every beginer. Pin yin helps you to pronounce Chinese correctly and make Chinese people understand you.
Some of the Pin yin are quite easy for English speakers,like b, p,m.....they sound the same as thoes in English.

However,there are also some tricky z,c,s,zh,ch,sh....and of course, r....

How to pronounce every Pin Yin in the right way?

Study with me....Learning Chinese is  a fun.....




Pin yin is good for prounacation yes but personally I hate it when people use pin yin to write chinese, I dont understand it not the way i can Han zi.....Learn pinyin yes but learn to read han zi too I say!!

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don't forget q which is "ch"

yes u are right  i think u are a handsome chinese from the picture arent u?

pinyin can replace hanzi for bingnner

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