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hi, good to see you all are here in this community IELTS, we can discuss on various topics but in relation to IELTS preparation.




It is very good. hi hafeez, which Coutry you want to imigrate? what is the needed scores for listening speaking writing and reading? In China, I must get listen 7.5. others 6.5~7. So listen is very hard for me

good to know you are intrested in IELTS, I  wish to imigerate CANADA. well not even in China its almost same criteria to get 7.5 or more in listing and 6.5-7 for others.

For listing dont worry about it, though its tough but not impossible, ofcourse we face more difficulty to understand cause its not our native language so its required some time.
keep it on dear,

My ideal immigration Country is Canada too. But it is hard, so maybe I will choose Australia at last, anyway, it depends on my scrores of IELTS.  So the emergency thing is learning Enligsh. I am very glad to know you, Hope can be a parter of you. Oh, BTW, when will you take the exam, and how long have you prepared for it?

Thats good dear, Australia is also the second option for me. i m on preparing of IELTS, when and as i do feel i have completed preparation i will take my IELTS,
oh BTW you may note my ids for more conversation regarding IELTS.

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