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Who does know the English words for a cook? :)




hi Lazar
we would like to discuss here business english...:)
but you should know that there are different verbs for particular ways of cooking:with water,oil or in dry heat.

to boil:
you can boil vegetables,eggs,rice, covering them with water and heating to    the boiling point(=100°C);
you can also just boil the water
example:i 'm boiling the water for the pasta now.

to steam:
you can steam fish,vegetables, placing the food above boiling waiter in a container with holes so that the steam reaches it,and covering it.
example: Chinese rice is usually prepared by streaming.

to bake:
you can bake bread,cakes,potatoes, the dry heat of an oven or a fire.
example: he baked a cake for her birthday.

to fry:
you can fry meat, fish,eggs, a shallow pan of hot oil,or the meat,fish
example: fry the onion and garlic for five minutes.

to roast:
you can roast large pieces of meat,potatoes, covering the surface of the food with oil in the heat of an oven.

 Thank you kamal cuz U told me this :) I was trying to find something like this but I couldn't find anything :( now I did :D I needed this for school. :) tnhx

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