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Which was your favorite book, and why, and which was worst, and why?


my fav book-false impression by jeffery archer. i love the way he has described the 9/11 incident.

worst book is one night at a call center, it is so boaring and predictable.



The most recent one by jodi picoult, "fragile" i think was the title. about a child with osteogenesis imperfecta (your bones constantly break so you cannot walk down stairs, roller skate, etc.) i don't believe an adult would ruin her friendship with her best friend, shut down that friend's business and basically alienate everyone and risk a divorce b/c her child has this disease and she is bringing forth a lawsuit. the ending completely pissed me off. i won't ruin it for you, but when i realized what was happening on the second to the last page, i actually threw the book across the room.

I have read other jodi picoult books (the pact, ninteen minutes) that were good. i don't know what the reasoning was with the ending.

One of the best of recent was "columbine" and i forget the author's name. the more true tragedy of this horrid crime is the fact that it could have been prevented by the multiple signs that klebold showed to everyone for the years leading up to the massacre. i cannot believe the investigators that mishandled everything were not held accountable. great read. very interesting.

I think i'd better read " fragile". sounds interesting. but you said it's tragic ending?
well.. why don't you read the titted" the long road home" witten by Martha Raddatz who is the chief White House correspondent for ABC news. it's about Iraqy war.
you would see how the war is horrid and everlasting pain. 

So far,my Favorite book is The five people you meet in heaven.I think this book language is simple,but the truth is profound.

For me, the best read book is "Pride and Prejudice." I was moved by the book of love.

As for me, I think Great Expectations of Charles Dickens and Reflex of Francis Dick are quite interesting ones, I like investigations, misteries....

The worst book is unexpectedly form the same author (Francis Dick - under order), I began to read it and then I understood that I `m completely desappointed, regardless that the plot is rather interesting one. The language is rather difficult and while reading I was the permanent feeling that I`d already read it somewhere. So don`t try it-my advice...

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