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 i'm wondering...why some people good in writing but not in speaking???think in english and let it out also in english...but it is hard to practice...



hello ,maybe they are nervous,,

Because, when somebody are writing, he can use his dictionary... and, when it`s a real conversation you can rely only on your active vocabulary.

I'm one of the poeple who are quite good in writing but not in speaking for a very simple reason: I lack chances to talk in English, especially talking with native speakers. So reading is my only source of practice...

this is my problem too
am good in writing but concerning speaking or listening they seem to me very diffuclut may be because i'm shy to speak with native speakers

Perhaps it sounds strange, but I found a way how to break the "language barrier". When I began my English, I also originated to chat with myself (in my mind of course).
Yes I still have a problem with an accent, reason is my shortage in practicing of spoken English.
But I accustomed to speak according to the grammar rules.  

but sometimes speak in english does not follow the grammars right???am i correct??

I think many English learner are shy when they speak English.They worry about the grammar or how to ues the words exactly .My English teacher always say "Put your face in your pocket" ,but less student can do that.For spoken English,lacking courage is the keys that make mouth open difficultlly.I always use Chinese English + Word English to comunicat with foreign friends.I don`t care the grammar.We understand each other,that`s ok.

hmm good...confidence is the key to success in any matter we face... 

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