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I wanted to learn Spanish


hello everyone. I really would like to learn Spanish. I know basic phrases and greetings I learned from podcasts. However, I wanted to talk to someone in Spanish so I can practice and learn more. Can anyone help?



 Need help? Just ask! :D
Feliz fin de semana, Johanna!


thank you baz. I am actually listening to spanish podcast. I am just kinda confused on the difference between estoy and soy. What is the difference between the two and when should they be used? Thanks for the reply.

Hi Joana I speak Spanish , I can teach you Spanishh an you can teach me  english . Saludos

we can talk, and when you learn a new languages, you get dudes,it´s normal, so if you want to talk tell me.

Hi if you have any question of Spanish just add me on Skype daniel.barrantes I need to practice English so may be we can do a exchange, thanks

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