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How to study japanese grammar?

 I'm learning japanese by myself. Now I can only read hiragana, and understand some simple words. But the grammar is too difficult for me, for example, the verbs. I want to speak sentences, is there a better way?



you could get a congigation sheet to make it easier

I am having some of the same problems.  I understand that the sentences are Subject-Object-Verb instead of S-V-O....but I don't know how to apply it well or any other grammar rules...I cannot buy books to help me either...

i recommend buying "Genki" books, i was introduced to them in my japanese classes. after time and practicing and memorizing how it works, and the differences between them, things start to come together.

there are many ways to conjugate verbs, so maybe that is why you are confused.
"desu" is also considered a verb, but follows "i-adjectives", "na-adjectives", and "nouns"

but sometimes when a verb is not in a sentence, but an adjective is, (for example "you are bad" = "anata ha warui desu"). but if you wanted to say "you are not bad" you could say "anata ha warukunai desu", which is "warui" conjugated. you must memorize how "i adjectives" and "na adjectives" are conjugated, and how they apply.


i also use this book to study japanese

umm Hello.. I having same problem with her... ^^

I really recommend Tae Kim's Japanese guide (in English). you can find in the site

I use "A course in modern Japanese" published by Nagoya University and "JBridge" but these are quite advanced since I study Japanese at my university. These books use kanji immediately.

But the grammar explanation of these books are good.

Books are really the best way. Or try looking for a website that can help breaking it down. Conjugation is pretty difficult, but once you get the hang of it you'll be fine! There are only 2 radicals (kuru and suru) so the rules always apply. I have a book called "Oxford Japanese Grammar & Verbs" that's very useful.

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