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how to keep up your spoken Chinese?

 How do you keep up your spoken Chinese? Do you have lots of Chinese spoken friends?



For me it is not a problem,because i live in China now,and chinese is my native language

Mostly through speaking with my parents and trying to teach myself.  I am struggling to retain whatever Chinese I still know.  That's why I joined this site (:

I often watch chinese movies with subtitle and hear chinese musicsongs. I have a cd with small dialogs and pronounciation drills: zhu, chu, shu, ri,.....I hear it and try to repeat. I have some chinese friends here in this board.

Sometimes I say a chinese sentence to my german friends, but they can´t understand me :-)

i want to ask the same question ~i want to improve my oral english!
i think chinese is easy,you can read kinds of book and read it aloud
and i think when you really know the beauty of the  language,to speak is
an easy thing! 

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