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I'd be willing to help people learn English if anyone will help me learn Tajik. I am a complete beginner.



You are aware that "tajiki" is just a version of Persian? The differences between the Persian of Iran and Tajikstan is less than that of British and American English. The only big difference is that the Persian of Iran and Afghanistan is written in a modified Arabic script, and that of Tajikstan is written in Cyrilic (and that's because they were under the former USSR). So I believe you wouldn't need to learn them as  2 separate languages; just learn one and then spend an afternoon on the other one's alphabet :)


Yes, I am aware of that. I speak Farsi (poorly), but I need to learn to read and write. I'd like to go Tajikistan to study for a semester, and I wasn't sure if spelling was different (for example, "honor" in American English versus "honour" in British English).

The spelling difference is not like that between British and North American English. As I mentioned before, the usual script in Tajikistan is Cyrillic (Russian Alphabet) so you'd be actually illiterate in Tajikistan if you are, for example a native Iranian. That said, once you learn the script ( and that shouldn't take more than a day or so), everything "unfolds"! Besides, I have a few Tajik friends and all of them can read the Perso-arabic script (before the former Soviet Union they used the same alphabet). The government of Tajikistan is supposed to change the writing system back to the Arabic script (the Iranian version) gradually, but the change seems too "gradual" and as far as I know, in Tajikistan you still need to be able to read the modified Russian alphabet. When written in the modified Arabic script, the difference between Tajik and Persian pronunciation can not be seen from the written text, as in Arabic and Persian the vowels are not written (they're "guessed" by the reader like in teenager chat or text message English: I dnt knw.) I'd like to help you, but I don't have a reliable Internet connection right now. You can email me and tell me what exactly you have learned so far to see if I can be of any assistance. Good luck!


Thanks so much for the information. This really helps, because I didn't know how big of a difference there was between dialects. Could you tell me what the order of the letters is in the alphabet that they use in Tajik? I have found it on a couple of websites, but they're in a different order every place I look!
Thanks again.

You're welcome. Have a look here :


So that is the correct order? Because I wasn't sure since other websites put the letters in a different order...

That's the official order. Needless to say, the order of the alphabet is the least important factor in the language ;)

Hi Amy
Tajic is an ancient version of Persian and my native language is Persian.
I am seeking for somebody who likes learning Persian and her/his mother tongue is English.

Dear Amy
I wish I were there I mean in the United States in that case I could help you alot
anyway I'm a fluent persian speaker and i can speak English so it's my pleasure to help u or answer any questions you have about Pesian.Most of the persian speakers are from Iran and Iranian accent is prefered over other accent for e.g Tajikestan or Afganistan

Hello dear Amy

I surprised that you are learning Farsi

I am an Iranian.Now I am learning English.I can speak Persian and Kurdish anyway maybe we will be good partners in learning language.

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