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~ [] across

* come across -> I came across.

* come across [] -> I came across [].

* cut across [t] -> I cut across [t].

* get across = clear
en> The issue got across.
ko> 그 쟁점은 명백해졌다.
sp> El tema se hizo evidente.
jp> 問題が 明らかになった.

* get [t] across -> I got [] across. =

* put [t] across=manage -> I put [] across.=

* put [h] across=deceive -> He put [her] across.=

* put [t] across to [h] = persuade 
en> I put [the issue] across to [her].
ko> 나는 [ 그녀 ]에게 [ 그 쟁점 ]을 납득시켰다.
sp> Le [hizo] comprender [la cuestión].
jp> 彼は  [ 彼女 ]が  [ 問題 ]を 理解した.

* run [h] across ; encounter [h]
en> I ran [her] across (at work).
ko> 나는 [ 그녀 ]를 (직장에서) 우연히 만났다.
sp> Me [la] encontré (en el trabajo).
jp> 私は (仕事で) [彼女]に 遭遇した.


These meanings were not confirmed by native English speakers. Don't try to memorize them yet. If there are wrong things, please let me know. Thank you. - Shannon.



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