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~ [] through

* break through []
ex) I broke through [difficulties].=[어려움]을 극복했다.

* bring [h] through []
ex) bring [h] through [].=

* come through ->

* come through [] ->

* get through to [h]
ex) I tried to get through to [her].=나는 [그녀]에게 연락하려고 노력했다.=

* get through to [h]
ex) We manage to get through to [each other].=우리는 그럭저럭 [서로]에게 연락하고 지낸다.=

* get through (_ing) []
ex) I got through (reading) [a book].=나는 [책 한권] (읽기)를 끝냈다.=

* get through []
ex) I got through [the exam].=나는 [그 시험]을 통과했다.=

* get through with []
ex) I got through with [the task].=나는 [그 작업]을 끝냈다.=

* let through -> 

* let [h] through [r]
ex) Let [her] through [the gate]. = [그녀]가 [그 문]을 지나가게 해라.

* look through []
ex) The detective looked through [the house].=그 형사는 [그 집]을 샅샅이 조사했다.=

* put [] through

* run [] through

* work <> way through []
ex) I worked <> way through [my PhD].=나는 <>게 [박사]를 성취했다.


These meanings were not confirmed by native English speakers. Don't try to memorize them yet. If there are wrong things, please let me know. Thank you. - Shannon.



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