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Let's talk about Electronic Music, will ya?

Electronic, techno, house, dubstep, IDM, minimal, industrial, avantgarde, contemporary, synth pop, experimental... you name it! Everyone's invited!



Ok, let's start with some easy topics: What's your favourite style in electronic music? Who are your best musicians, or groups, or DJs?

I like undergound electronic music like dnb, junge, breakcore, dubstep, goa, grime, downtempo, experimental and so much. I also like 4x4 bassline and UK Garage music and sometimes listen to other styles. But I can't stand speedcore and this noisy stuff. If you are into electronic music, i recommend you a page which is very useful, i think.

Some of my favourites: Nero, Caspa, Tes La Rok, Jahba, Coki, Benga, B-Complex, High Contrast, Peshay,
Concord Dawn, Evol Intent, Aphex Twin (genius!).

my favorite genre is probably electro-house.  i also really like electro-funk, electro-trash, nu disco, and chillwave. 

Justice, Daft Punk, Digitalism, Breakbot, Danger, DatA, SebastiAn, The Toxic Avenger, Yuksek, Mr. Moustache, The Phantom's Revenge, Viceroy, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi.  all amazing.

i have a few nu disco and electro-trash mixes online:

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