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Pen or keyboard?


Digital or on paper; which is better?  Why?  Disadvantages?




 I am 61 years; happily married for 21 of them.  Back when I was courting my wife, we didn't have e-mail; it was a military secret then.  I wrote with a pen on paper to her every day.  Some days I wrote twice.  If I couldn't write a letter, I sent a card.  

She was in Brazil and I was in Los Angeles.  We couldn't afford to talk on the telephone but for a ten minute conversation once a week.

For me pen on paper is more romantic.  Besides, you can't put purfume on e-mail.  Not yet.


Digital is faster and more convenient, but paper is much more exciting to receive.

It was very strange that my mind would  be a complete blank once I wrote something with computer before.
I like pen writing,it can stimulate more thoughs of mine.I just enjoy the time and touch beteen a pen and the paper.
but Digital is more convenient and fast,and also is mechanical,with no romance like what u have said

Keyboard always~

actually keyborad is more faster, but sometimes we need pen on paper for something like some romantic things..

Pen was better and interesting. But keyboard is the practical way now!

I'm  a  Chinese  student  .  Indeed  ,  nowaday   many  people  will  not   use  pen  .They   always   use   QQ/MSN  or  so  on  to  comnunicate .   I   like   keyboard , too. But  I  like  pen , too. I  also  think  that  if   don't   use  pen  for  a  time , one  will  unfamillar   with  it   , will  not  write   beautiful .
So,  I  always  use  two.

Pen is better, because pen practice our hand to write. And look, many people who use keyboard more then pen their hand writer is looks so bad. In my country, Indonesia, many people has a good hand writer because they are using pen everyday!

wow,i think you are very romantic

pen on paper!! 

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