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how do you say.." come here" in chinese?

^^ please help



i'm just learning mandarin, but i would say "来把" or "来来“, because i heard something like that in a movie :)

这里  / 这儿 means 'here', but i'm not sure if it should be used in this phrase 

This phrase basically means 来这里, come = 来, here=这里。

But it's not that simply  in spoken Chinese. We say 来呀, 过来呀,到这儿来。It depends on who are you talking to and the situation.  呀 is a modal particle, it expresses your emotion which may either happy or anger, but really intensely.

For example, you are with your shy boyfriend, you probably say like this: come here, don't be shy, 过来呀,不要害羞。

or, you are with your naughty nephew, you say: come here, don't dawdle. 过来呀, 别慌来晃去的了.

omg i love your answer i just wish you could tell me the pin yin so i can try to say it hehe ^^

the pin yin is "lai ya" or "guo lai ya" or "dao zheer lai".

过来,这里and so on.



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