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Sentences taking another sentence

> I am afraid S_ = 안타깝지만 s_다.
   I am afraid I seem to love her. = 안타깝지만 나는 그녀를 사랑하는것 같.

> As it turned out, S_ = 나중에 알게 된것이지만 결국 S가 _ㄴ것으로 드러나다.
  As it turned out, she didn't love me. = 나중에 알게 된것이지만 결국 그녀는 나를 사랑하지 않았던 것으로 드러났다.

> It comes about that S_ = S가 _할 처지가  되다.
  It came about that I love her. = 그녀를 사랑할 처지가 되었다.


These meanings were not confirmed by native English speakers. Don't try to memorize them yet. If there are wrong things, please let me know. Thank you. - Shannon.




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