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Yawa Pukhto Kara Pukhto (One and Standard Pashto)

 Pashto has several accents and it varies geographically. As we see there is a difference in the pronunciation of Pakistani and Afghani Pashto. This is like the English accents of British and American. But if we try to understand we can easily come to know the minor differences.
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Thanks for sharing this information my friend...Will you please share some basic pashto grammar and sentences for practice please? Thanks! :)

Great to see you first friend here
in every language people start from Greeting and Introduction. so lets start from Pashto Greeting 

Pah Khair Raghly / Asslam-o-Aliakum 

Pah Khair raghly
(Well come)

the sound of GH in Pashto is just like the sound of R in French

similarly if we want to say good bye to some one. we say

Pa Makha dey Kha
(Be peace in your journey or way) 

 Wa'Alaikum Asalaam taso singa yeh? dera dera manana for ur reply my friend...what about a simple vocabulary list to begin learning? Then after learning some vocabulary maybe you can teach how to form sentences in pushto?

Da Khodai pa aman 

Dera Manana....

From where you are????
Ta da kom zay ye?????

I am from Lahore Pakistan
Za da Lahore yam

Sta somra umer dey???
How old are you???

Za da 27 kalo yam.
I am 27 years old
Za da 24 kalo yam :)

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