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wel come to the members

Hi every one !!! First of all i want to say wel come to all of the members of this group. this is the gourp of urdu learner or and urdu teachers. if you want to learn or teach urdu. so, join this group for your progress.  and also introduce your self in urdu. my name is farhan and i am a student. and doing my BBA.



Hi my name is farhan zaib. i am here for teaching urdu. so, feel free to chat with me. And i am a student. i am here for make fluency in my english.
I am Frank Yang,I come from China.I want to learn Urdu.I can understand english ,but not  very good.I hope you can help me.

My MSN ID is

@ Sniper

Nice to hear from u

we will happy to help u learning urdu. wud u plz  tell how u got interested to learn Urdu?

fine,I joined it!!

Urdu great language I wish I know Urdu language to read urdu stories and urdu poetry

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