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What is your current favourite song?

Can be old song or new song...

My current favourite is Omry Leek by Ehab Tawfik.

What about you?



all type of songs  of my favourite . maybe follow my feeling of now .

1. Tamer Hosny - Arrab Kaman
2. Amr Diab - 3alemny hawak
3. Tamer Hosny -  Maleesh Ba3dek
4. Eslam - Bahlam ma'ak
5. Fadel Shaker - B2albek Asrare
6. Fadel Shaker - Neset Ansak
7. Amr Diab - Wala 3ala Balo
8. Tamer Hosny - S7her 3la sotha
9. Amr Diab - Habiby Ya Omry

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