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Origin English Means of Some Old English Names .

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This is a list of origin English means of some old English names .


Name Meaning
Alfred, Alf peace
Alvin friendly elf
Ashley ash clearing
Bertha bright, famous
Beverly, Bev beaver stream
Buck male deer
Byron place of the cow sheds
Clark scholar
Clifford, Cliff ford by a cliff
Clinton, Clint settlement on the summit
Clive cliff settlement
Daisy day's eye
Darleen, Darla darling
Earl nobleman
Edgar blessed spear
Edith, Ida blessed war
Edmund, Eamonn blessed protector
Edward, Eddie, Ted blessed guard
Edwin, Edwina blessed friend
Fay fairy
Graham gray house
Harold, Harry, Harriet, Hattie leader of the army
Hayley hay clearing
Hazel name of a tree
Heather name of a plant
Holly name of a tree
Humphrey peaceful house
Lesley, Leslie, Les meadow land
Norman, Norma north man
Oscar spear of God
Riley rye clearing
Shirley bright clearing
Sidney, Sid wide island
Stanley, Stan stone clearing
Wayne wagon maker
Wesley, Wes west meadow
Willow name of a tree
Winston joy stone

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