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One Word - Two Meanings .


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One Word - Two Meanings

Word UK Usage USA Usage
Asian person of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi origin person of Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippino origin
ass a donkey human posterior
bathroom a room containing a bath or shower a room containing a toilet
bill amount to pay for a service a piece of paper currency
bomb success disaster
buns sticky cake human posterior
bum human posterior unemployed, down-and-out
Caucasian Person from the Caucus republics: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan white person
chips What Americans call "French fries" What the British call "crisps"
fag cigarette male homosexual
fanny external female sex organs human posterior
football soccer gridiron
hamper picnic basket full of food basket for dirty clothes
homely pleasant ugly
Indian person from the Indian sub-continent indigenous American
jelly gelatinous dessert fruit preserve
knickers worn under trousers or dress by women trousers that end between the knee and ankle
mad not sane angry
mean stingy aggressive
momentarily for a short while soon
pants worn under trousers worn over underwear
pissed drunk angry
presently soon now
public school fee-paying school state school
queen the head of state male homosexual
rubber implement to erase pencil marks male contraceptive
semi semi-detatched house tractor-trailer
smart well dressed clever
spunk slang for male sexual emission full of "get up and go"
suspenders hold up stockings hold up trousers / pants
tea drink served hot with milk drink served cold with lemon
thong casual footwear item female underwear
tramp unemployed, down-and-out derogatory term for a female of
"easy virtue"
vest a garment worn under a shirt the third part of a three piece
suit worn between the shirt and jacket
wash up wash dishes after a meal wash face and hands

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